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Thursday, January 01, 2004

Sorry for the long break. We have been so busy eating Cadburys chocolate brought over by Emma's Auntie Lavinia from England, that I haven't had a spare moment to sit at the computer!
Yesterday we went to Loveland ski area, so Lavinia and Hendrik could pose on the slopes.
I decided that Emma should have a go at skiing too.
After a long search for little ski boots at the rental shack, we were presented with a cute little pair of yellow and red boots, still a couple of sizes too big.
Emma hated them.
After some clever 'Mummy" persuasion. Emma agreed to wear them.
I carried her out to the snow, no easy task, with layers of constrictive winter clothes and five months pregnant!
I stood her in the snow and clipped one of the boots onto a ski.
No go.
It just wasn't going to happen.
Instead we played snow balls, as her cute little skies sat abandoned.
After wasting time in the ski lodge, drinking sickly sweet hot chocolate, I decided we should try the skis again.
This time was much more productive. Emma discovered how fun it is to push the ski across the snow and chase after it.
This game amused us both for the rest of the afternoon.
Maybe next year Emma will let me persuade her to attach the boots to the ski.


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