Mothers, Daughters and Sisters

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Last night we took Emma to see Disney on Ice at the Pepsi Center.
Eyes wide in wonderment.
Never before had we seen so many children in one place.
Never before had we seen such expensive concession stands!
Emma spent the first half of the show spooning down frozen ice from a Cinderella cup. $8.00 ice. Well worth it though just to watch her. We then introduced her to cotton candy (candy floss). This too was entertaining. I had to show her that she could eat it and not just squeeze it into a blob. Naughty Mummy ended up eating half of it! I had forgotten what a fun sensation it is to feel it dissolve on your tongue. I did battle with the sugar factor!
As for the "other" show it was very well produced, great costumes, lighting and skating.
Emma spent the second half of the show clutching her empty ice cup, eyes wide as the fairy God mother turned the pumpkin into a magical coach. Daddy returned with a magic wand for Emma. Good timing Rich!
We left the show just before the end to beat the other countless families to the parking lot. Luckily Emma being only two and tired had no objections!

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Sunday afternoon and Emma was watching the Lion King in my bedroom.
I was busy when she called me, so Rich went to the rescue.
Picture this, Emma sat doing no.2 on her potty, with the potty sat upon our bed, watching her movie.What to say?
Potty training has its ups and downs.
Emma was doing great two weeks ago. Five days with no diapers and no accidents.
Then refusal to go anywhere near a toilet or potty. What happened? I have my theories.
We are on day three now of no diapers, again. All is well.

Friday, December 05, 2003

I awoke at 8am. Why hadn't Emma woken me at 6:30? the usual time she comes into my bedroom, pulls back my cozy flannel sheets and attempts to pull me out of bed.
I knew something must be up!
I quickly jumped out of bed in search of the unknown.
Emma was having a wonderful morning, she had taken the Cadbury chocolate tree decorations off our 8ft tree and was enjoying the best breakfast a two year old could ask for.
Foil wrappers lined the floor. A big innocent chocolate smile greeted me.
A box was placed next to the tree, for reaching high places, which hadn't been there the night before!